5apps Storage re-design

Psst: we have just launched a new UI for the 5apps Storage dashboard, and also a new product page, with a bit more content than before:

Any and all feedback would be much appreciated!

(Beware that not all pages on have been updated with the new design yet.)

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Just wiping away my drool! Really beautiful landing page and dashboard. I have a couple of thoughts:

  • The first sign up button could be as juicy and bright as the one at the bottom of the page, my eyes almost glaze over it since it isn’t so prominent.
  • This landing page does a great job of providing gentle, user-friendly introduction to the concept of storage, makes it feel approachable. The RS site could use something like this.
  • Perhaps related to the previous point, I’ve always felt that 5apps should be directly linked from the storage widget so that non-technical users who need to create an account have a simple path forward. I don’t consider the current experience to be intuitive: one is directed to the wiki, one has to know to look under the ‘Hosted’ section, there are two options but the second one has no mention of RS nor does it have an automated sign up process. When there is a larger diversity of providers, it would make more sense to show a selection of options, but at the moment I’d say that 5apps is the only plausible option for non-technical users. We can embrace this inextricable association, at least temporarily, and make things easier for a lot of people.
  • I don’t know if the dashboard’s ‘click on the domain to login’ feature was always there, but it’s super cool; I would not hide this functionality under the domain text, I would have an explicit button or link for this so that people know it exists. Slight issue that it doesn’t remember the path which requested access, so it sends me to the root where there is no app to take the credentials. If I change the URL to include the app path, it works beautifully.
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