Chat Messages module released

There’s a new module available in the repo: chat-messages stores your chat messages in daily archives.

There are already 2 programs using it in production:

  • hubot-remotestorage-logger is a Hubot script which lets you log your IRC messages to a remote storage (soon other protocols as well, help welcome)
  • rs-messages-importer is a command-line tool for importing chat log files to a remote storage (currently only from ZNC, help for additional sources also welcome, of course)

If you want to use this and/or have any questions, feel free to add them to this thread or open a new one. We’re hanging out in #67p, #kosmos and #remotestorage on Freenode, too.

Oh, and the #remotestorage channel is logged publicly in a Kosmos account here:

The previous/next keys make it possible to page in apps. Many thanks to @elfpavlik for helping with the format! We haven’t published the context on the announced domain yet, but we’ll do that soon. It’s incorporating a common vocabulary for social apps called SIOC.

I just pushed a new version of the chat-messages module with support for XMPP multi-user chats:

I also published a new version of the hubot-remotestorage-logger plugin (one of the porgams using this module) with XMPP support:

Please beware, that from now on, archive documents are stored without a server type in the path. You might have to move old docs in order to have a smooth transition with your log viewer.