Clients to test api compliance?

I’m looking towards updating remotestorage-ruby

I noticed there’s inspektor to help one with this but I was wondering if it is up to date with remotestorage12?

I checked the api test suit and it seems to be outdated for this goal.

If anyone feels like giving away some tips or hints that’d be awesome.

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Hi, first of all, thanks for planning to update remotestorage-ruby!

I took a look at the api-test-suite, it does check for the file/folder collisions that was added in version 12 of the spec, so it is a good starting point for your goal. We’re going to take a look to see if other specs are missing (there were not many others changes if I remember correctly), as well as update the outdated README that’s saying it supports -03 to -05.

Edit: here are the collision checks: and

Author of Inspektor here. I guess Inspektor is more useful for app development than server development, because it’s just a file browser for RS accounts. But if you run the api-test-suite against your server and it’s green, then all apps should work with it, including Inspektor.

I forgot to mention that you can probably draw some inspiration and potentially straight-up source code from liquor-cabinet, which drives the 5apps Storage RS API in production. (It’s a Sinatra app, so it’s all Ruby.)