remoteStorage monthly hangout — August 2021

Let’s meet up and exchange about all things remoteStorage. Come and share what apps you’re working on, experiments, self-hosting experience, or feel free to bring any questions about the integrating into your projects.

@rosano will share a first look at the refreshed remoteStorage homepage.

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After our conversation yesterday, I decided to take a different approach via static site.

  1. Discourse lacks peer review and it’s too easy to damage things accidentally or intentionally without anyone noticing for a while. I think it’s better to review changes and thank / engage with contributors.
  2. The final product just looks nicer. It would have taken me weeks of sifting through poor documention to figure out how to make Discourse display this correctly, whereas this static site renders beautifully and is basically done now.
  3. As much as we might hope otherwise, this is probably a developer-centric community, and as such it might not be so inaccessible to use Git(Hub). If this is the case, there might already be familiarity with how to make changes via Pull Request (and if not, it’s good transferable knowledge).
  4. Discourse publishing strips some content which might become confusing when mixing HTML (i.e. the homepage).
  5. Editing “topics” might not be as intuitive as imagined…

Let’s discuss this here or in the pull request.