[unhost-2013] Travel plans

I was wondering, if more of you guys would like to go to Unhost/Irena’s a bit earlier and/or stay there for longer. Actually, I wouldn’t mind staying quite a bit longer, and maybe Irena can even give us a better price then?

CCing the nomads: @michielbdejong @jan :wink:

It’s a bit silly for me, as I live just ~20mins away (at least with the day bus), but am totally into the idea of hanging around with you all and working together on stuff, always a nice way to work.

Oh also, I offered it before, but I have a couple couches for people to crash on pre/post conference in Prague. As long as they don’t mind a big, hairy, german shephard that will probably get doghair and slobber on their clothes, and wake them up in the (late) mornings. I can house about 3-4 people max. if someone doesn’t mind sharing a double-bed-sized fold-out couch.

Hey, that’s great! Might just take you up on that offer. :slight_smile:

I definitely reserved September 6–11 for the conference. How long before and after are you thinking? I would be in for some time before, probably from September 1st on or so. After, I don’t know yet and will probably decide that while there.

Cool. Anyone else as well? And who’s managing the bookings at the moment?

i don’t know yet what i’ll do from 30 august to 4 september, but somewhere during that week i’ll migrate from Berlin to Unhošť.

I phoned & emailed Irena, unfortunately she has a full booking for the saturday. so we should go to the Golf Hotel in Unhošť Amerika, then. It’s bigger anyway (nobody will have to sleep in tents, unless they want to) it’s really nicely maintained (i went to see it last year) and is also quite cheap.

i can rent a 9-person van for a few days, to shuttle people between the hotel and the venue (Square, on the village square). Otherwise it’s a 45 minute walk, so i think that’s worth it. will also come in handy with transporting crates of ClubMate, etcetera, and we could also use it to do a picknick in the hills or something. a bit like the one Kenny and Jan did at 4am the first year, maybe. :wink:

Ok, seems like a plan. Do you have a URL to some booking site or maybe the hotel has a website?

yes it’s (i’ll also update a bit with some more info)

ok, that one was full as well, but i found this one, which is also a lot cheaper:

i already booked one triple room for 4-11 sept, it costs only 10 euros pppn. there are two more triples left for that price, we should get one or two more. probably worth booking asap if we know people and dates

@fkooman booked a second triple room, just for 6-10 sept, which are the important dates of course. @raucao which dates are you booking yours?

I just booked a twin room from 4th to 11th.

I’m making my way from Berlin to Prague on friday. Can someone tell me how to get from Prague to Unhošť? Or maybe anybody else is traveling from Berlin on friday?

I’ll come on Thursday already, will arrive about 17:00 somewhere around Prague. Will you probably be in Unhost, Prague or the hotel then?

Jorin: To get from Prague to Unhost, take the subway to Zlicin - it’s very west, last stop on the red or yellow line. Then there is a big bus station outside where one of them goes to Unhost (forgot the number, but it’s one of the middle aisles).

If I can see correctly, the hotel is northwest of Prague and northeast of Unhost - near the Prague airport.

@jan thanks!
I’ll ask again on thursday where exactly I can find you on friday :wink:
I think I’ll be in Prague around 2pm.

Likely both the hotel and Unhost, depending on what we need to prepare etc.