Wiki Errors

I’m getting a cryptic error “Forbidden. Dangerous network.” when posting to the wiki – just trying to add to the Apps list Anyone know how to get around this?

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 12.38.10

I would guess you’re either on a VPN or mobile network, and the anti-spam service doesn’t like it.

I tried finding the rejection in the logs, but wasn’t able to. Could you register an account on the wiki and try when you’re logged in? The registration may also fail if you’re on that same network, but that one is easy to whitelist.

Sorry about the hassle. We got a lot of spam before using the service, and it was too much work to manually deal with it. But services like that are also kind of sketchy and not exactly the ideal solution.

Hmm I’m wondering if it’s because I’m in Brazil at the moment? I went to a different part of the country today and it seems to have worked!

BTW I think there is still spam in the recent changes but it’s only on user pages

Glad it worked!

Thanks for the tip. I just deleted pretty much all user pages, as they were all spam.

I’m getting blocked again in the same way. Is there anything I can do on my end (other than going to a different part of the country :sweat_smile:)?

EDIT: Also tried Tor which gives new error “*** Forbidden. Sender blacklisted. ***”

As soon as you have a registered account, there shouldn’t be any problems anymore.

I believe that I have tried exclusively with my registered account and that currently it isn’t possible to edit without one. Should I make a new one maybe or is there a way to whitelist my current one?

I just marked the edit as not spam. Also saw that the version of the extension is pretty old. Will see about updating it.

Success! Thank you.

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