Working on a social library on top of remotestorage.js

ok, then let’s do it that way for now. we always have the option to change our mind in 6 months from now if we see it’s not working as we had hoped.

yes, so apart from the feeds and articles modules which we got from Dogfeed, the modules i am adding now store credentials encrypted and message history unencrypted.

the modules depend on sjcl but not on sockethub-client. they are called irc, twitter, facebook, email, and inbox.

they are remoteStorage modules in the usual sense, no different from the existing ones. i’m not sure if that makes them functional modules or data modules, then, i’ll find that github issue again and reply there

Much appreciated. Thanks.

I think our final encryption feature should give users the option, yet let the developer “recommend” it by setting a default option.

If you have 100% control over a machine and use disk encryption for it, you might want to disable encryption even for credentials in order to increase convenience. If you have a to-do list for a political revolution in your country, you might want to encrypt that, while most people won’t care about their grocery shopping lists being ultra-secure or not.

Leute, Leute. Ihr seid mir heute aber eine bunte Meute!

ok, made it so that no encryption is used if no password is specified in my strawman implementation