[30C3] Unhosted/remoteStorage Assembly


Is anyone interested in setting up a table at 30C3 this year? It’s similar to a village at the camp, just much smaller. We can also register for offering “hacktivities”, which are like workshops or something:

I don’t know yet if I can/will go, but it looks like it at the moment.


I’d be interested, sounds like fun.


I would be intereseted to attend a workshop or some other activity.


Just for the record:


Ok, so there’s definitely some interest. Next question would be: who of the “core team” definitely wants to come, and who’s thinking about coming?

I think @michielbdejong, you already said you’re attending, right? I’ll also most likely be there I think.


It’s possible to create user accounts on the wiki now. Which means it’s possible to create our assembly as well:


I think it’s too late to register an official assembly?

Dates & deadlines:

» September 15, 2013 (23:59 UTC): Deadline for submissions
» November 15, 2013: Notification of acceptance
» December 27–30, 2013: Chaos Communication Congress

but we can of course organize a self-announced meetup there, like we did with fedsocweb at OHM.

apart from that, it might be nice to do an Unhosted weekend in Berlin, for instance 14/15 dec?


The form is still available and I think the creation of assemblies was only opened after that deadline. I think that one doesn’t apply for assemblies.


I think the deadlines are only for the talk CFPs and assemblies can just be announced via the public Wiki.

For projects, installations and other fun things:

A formal submission is not required. Once again there willl be a Wiki where needs for space and other resources will be collected. Simply start considering now what you would like to make, bring or show, before that Wiki goes online. We have a lot of space and we are open for crazy and surprising stuff.


ok, go ahead! i may actually be in India at that time, so not sure if i can attend myself, but let me know if i can help with any of the preparations


In light of hackerbeach, and my personal schedule for the holidays, it looks like I simply wont have the time to make it up to Hamburg for the event. Just too many things happening and responsibilities/obligations all at the same time. Sucks, 'cos I was really interested in checking it out and helping with an unhosted program.


If anyone is still interested, here’s an update from CCC:

I myself will be in Nairobi at the time and at Hacker Beach later on.


Is this topic still current?
Or won’t there be any remotestorage at the 30C3 ?

As I was also thinking of going there, reading this now created even more interest.

As it seems there is a German coder base (@galfert, @raucao, lisapassing from the tweet above, …)

Additionally, the Memorandum with NLNet explicitly states an appearance at the 30C3, but as a talk even.

As I’ll be writing abstracts this weekend, I could also produce a proposal for an assembly, if you’d like.
You’d have to vote about it tomorrow.


through Wau Holland Stiftung we were involved in the preparation of - specifically


Okay, cool. In the end project management and meeting the needs of the Memorandum are your domain.

Just wanted to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten. As anticipated earlier, I will have time to dig deeper soon.


Just FYI: this thread is not about project management or meeting MOUs or anything. We’re an open-source project, where everybody is invited to get together with everybody else whenever and wherever possible.

The assembly was my idea, but unfortunately it looks like not enough core people will be in Hamburg to actually set it up properly. Maybe next time.


Yeah, I get it. So in fact you were even ahead of time. :rocket:

Still OT:

This Open Source Tension of headlessness still has to get into my veins. I mean, people ponder already with my way of synchronization to their everyday life. Practitioned open collaboration and asynchronity without pushing deadlines through Continuous Integration (Tests) is just a revolutionary concept for social organization that needs time to trickle through to mainstream, therefore to me.

Hopefully less than one could pessimistically expect.