Adding Dropbox and GoogleDrive support to remotestorage.js

i think remotestorage.js should start supporting Dropbox and GoogleDrive in addition to remotestorage-2012.04, remotestorage-00 and remotestorage-01. That way, it becomes a more attractive tool for app developers.

I agree with you, DropBox already has a data store API and file store/sync API so uniting them under remotestorage API would be cool. But I was under the impression that DropBox would have to do the implementation of the API spec?! Did I miss something?!

And for sure if Google implemented the spec, either as a way to access a GDrive scriptdb or a GAE datastore or Cloud SQL. But again, I thought that would have to come from Google?!

I’m new to this, so I’m going to try to re-understand. Thanks,

The plan is to just implement separate wireclients for their respective proprietary protocols. Both Dropbox and Google Drive support CORS with their respective APIs, so anyone can write JS clients for their products.

It’s not technically all remoteStorage then, but an addition the library that enables app developers to use both Dropbox and Google Drive as well as any remoteStorage backend at the same time.

GoogleDrive and Dropbox support were added as experimental features and a ‘backends (experimental)’ app was added to the starter-kit so developers can see how to use them.

For now, this will probably not yet make rs.js much more attractive, since it’s still a bit risky to rely on them in production - but as people slowly start using them, and bugs get fixed, this may happen some day. :slight_smile: