Any examples of connecting to Google Drive

Hello I am really impressed about the unhosted web apps as stated here
as this is exactly what I need.
Specifically, I really wish to know the step by step example how to use Google Drive to be storage of my web apps.
Any example of this out there I can follow re connecting to Google Drive ?

Hey, welcome to the community!

The client library remoteStorage.js supports connecting to all of remoteStorage, Dropbox and Google Drive (with some caveats for the latter two):

The library documentation has a section on how to set up Dropbox and Google drive as additional options:

An example in the wild would be Litewrite: (source code)

If you have any questions and/or run into any roadblocks along the way, just post here in the forums and we’ll try to help.

WOW thanks for example :sunglasses: