Backbone 409, June 14-15, 2014, near Barcelona

In mid June, there’ll be a conference about autonomous internet infrastructure near Barcelona:

June 14–15 2014, Calafou, Barcelona

A gathering of projects actively building infrastructures for a free Internet from an anti-capitalist point of view: autonomous servers, open networks, online services, platforms, open hardware, free software, etc.

Read our call to learn more about our proposal.

Check out the list of topics we want to explore.

If you are interested in coming, please answer those few questions so we can build a list of participants and structure the content accordingly.

Why “Backbone 409”?

Just FYI: the unhosted project was officially invited via the mailing list.

I’m thinking about going (and from there to LXJS maybe).

It seems @michielbdejong has been in touch with LXJS already, but it didn’t work out in the first place. But something’s going on

LXJS is too expensive for me, but we could do Unhos 2014 on 29 June, so that we can attract more outsiders. Going forward, it may make sense to do Unhos the day after LXJS every year instead of Unhost.

We could still go to Unhost on 9 september. I am planning to go to IndieWebCamp UK 6/7 sept in Brighton, so then I could travel from Brighton to Prague directly.

Another option would be to do Unhos on 9 september. Since Unhost and Unhos are about unhosted web apps in general, not just about the remoteStorage (and sockethub) projects, I’ll also start a thread about this on the unhosted web apps mailing list.

done, see!topic/unhosted/0MLeWvjS0T4