Chat Messages module

There’s a new module available in the repo: chat-messages stores your chat messages in daily archives.

There are already 2 programs using it in production:

  • hubot-remotestorage-logger is a Hubot script which lets you log your IRC messages to a remote storage (soon other protocols as well, help welcome)
  • rs-messages-importer is a command-line tool for importing chat log files to a remote storage (currently only from ZNC, help for additional sources also welcome, of course)

If you want to use this and/or have any questions, feel free to add them to this thread or open a new one. We’re hanging out in #67p, #kosmos and #remotestorage on Freenode, too.

Oh, and the #remotestorage channel is logged publicly in a Kosmos account here:

The previous/next keys make it possible to page in apps. Many thanks to @elfpavlik for helping with the format! We haven’t published the context on the announced domain yet, but we’ll do that soon. It’s incorporating a common vocabulary for social apps called SIOC.

I just pushed a new version of the chat-messages module with support for XMPP multi-user chats:

I also published a new version of the hubot-remotestorage-logger plugin (one of the porgams using this module) with XMPP support:

Please beware, that from now on, archive documents are stored without a server type in the path. You might have to move old docs in order to have a smooth transition with your log viewer.

We (Kosmos) have moved the chat-messages module from GitHub to our Gitea, and have released version 2.0.0 today.

Release notes

This release changes the data model and folder paths slightly, in order to be independent of protocols, and removing the unnecessary reliance on custom server/service IDs/names (relying on domain names instead).

Breaking changes

  • archive.server is now archive.service, with properties changed to protocol and domain
  • Folder paths changed from chat-messages/${}/channels/... to chat-messages/${service.domain}/channels/...
  • No more ircURI or xmppMUC
  • Move source repo from GitHub to Kosmos Gitea


  • Update Webpack and related dependencies to latest versions
  • Add proper README
  • Move source to src directory
  • Update JavaScript syntax
  • Update package metadata

Related software

To go with this release, we also released hubot-remotestorage-logger 1.0.0. And as the folder paths have changed slightly, we also made some small adjustments to Waves, our very simple chat log viewer.

We have even preserved and connected the chat logs from Freenode (albeit with a potential hole of a couple of months, since Freenode deleted all credentials). Here are the #remotestorage channel logs for example: