Common way of storing App configs / data ... refs #506

@raucao recently mentionned in the GitHub issues, that it might be a good idea to continue a little side discussion about storing configuration data.

The last comment from the discussion over there:

I thought that there should be distinction between user and application data in your model that is currently lacking – e.g. a propriety application configuration file is less likely to be meaningful for other apps and doesn’t require sharing

I think that’s a good point, and as far as I know the little discussion we had about that did not yet lead to a satisfying conclusion. The current status is basically that you can do what you want (e.g. use a category named after the app or place a dotfile in a common on), which is obviously not as nice as agreeing on a common way of storing app configs and the like.

Maybe we should re-open the discussion somewhere (probably on the forums until we have implementation details to discuss).

Please continue this discussion at will.