Comparison to

I was wondering if anyone could explain in non-developer terms how and RemoteStorage are the same and different. Why should I use one or the other? I see that Crypton is sponsored by Spideroak while RemoteStorage is more indie, but both projects are open source and aim to make unhosted, static webapps. Am I being accurate?

i would say an important difference is crypton aims to encrypt your data, whereas remoteStorage just aims to let you choose the location of your data (regardless of whether you do encryption on top of that).

The remoteStorage project is maybe not as indie as it looks - we do have sponsors, even though that is not mentioned so clearly on the website.

we are moving to a more independent situation - in practice, the people who use the library are more and more also the people who edit it.

but for the time being we are still supported by NLnet foundation and Wau Holland Stiftung, and there may be other sponsors in the future.

When it comes to sponsoring, it’s worth mentioning that 2 of 3 core developers at the moment are working for and sponsored by 5apps to do remoteStorage development.

Thanks for the clarification and info. Are there future plans to bake encryption into the remotestorage framework or are you choosing to let app developers tackle this issue depending on their individual needs?

I guess I should have looked in this discussion before asking about it again: Encryption option in library?.

Yes, although we plan to keep it out of the protocol and leave to the client. We want to add the option to remoteStorage.js for developers to use without having to do it on their own.