Core extensions available in modules

It would be cool to have some kind of drop-in module behaviour extensions, shared by modules that need the same functionality. I’m talking about basic behaviour like e.g. storing timestamps when creating and updating objects. Actually, I need timestamps in a module right now, so I was wondering how we should solve that for everybody before hacking it into the modules.

Ideas? Opinions?

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Could you add a snippet from your module, so we can start from there thinking about ways of generalizing it?

As I said, I’d rather solve the general problem of adding shared behaviour in a modular way, before implementing something in my module. That’s why I didn’t add timestamps yet.

Yep, timestamps should definitely be available in all modules.
I think 90% of applications will need them in some way.
For example in litewrite we store timestamps in a custom field.
That shouldn’t be necessary.
Can we just use baseClient.lastUpdateOf here?

@jorin: baseClient.lastUpdateOf is about to be deprecated, as it cannot work with storage providers that implement remotestorage-00 or remotestorage-01 (versions are no longer timestamps, but opaque strings), so it will disappear.

… all the more important to have a general solution for timestamps asap. Everybody needs this.

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