Core team bughunting day September


@galfert when would be good for you to do another bughunting day? maybe this saturday (6 september)?

@raucao it would be good if you could pop in 16:00-16:30 this time, so we can coordinate the second peer review more easily. Other than that, we need you to work on the website :slight_smile: Maybe we can be in the same space and have lunch, dinner, and (double?) release party together. Will we all be in Berlin on saturday?

Anybody else interested in joining? Remote participants (via screen sharing) also very welcome

I’m coming to Berlin on Monday.

so shall we do it Monday 8 September then, @galfert?

Sry, not clear enough. That is Monday night. Will not be able to do much during next week, due to JSFest things.

ok, so looks like @raucao is the bottleneck here; please indicate on which days (within, say, the next 15 days) you can contribute 30 minutes of your afternoon for second review, and then @galfert and I can try to schedule for that.

Planned reviews aren’t required for programming. :wink:

But seriously, I’ll do it asap (there are more people who can do it, btw). Last time I also came around to it on the same day.

ping @galfert

I’ll be in Berlin on Monday, so we can pair for real in the office :slight_smile:
Should we start at 11:00?

OK! See you Monday 8 september, 11:00 at the rebel base.

We just need to find our second reviewer then, so we can stick to the rule of three people in total (authors+reviewers) agreeing on each PR merge. Would Ragnis, @menachem or @clochix be available to drop by on irc for the second review that day, for instance between 16:00 and 16:30 Berlin time?

The earliest I’ll be available that day is 16:50 Berlin time.

@Ragnis ok, 16:50 is perfect! we’ll make sure we have a few PRs for you to review then.