Core team meeting 09.10.14

Hi everyone,

As proposed by @michielbdejong in another thread, there will be a core team meeting (online, video chat) on October 9 (next Thursday) at 8pm CET (11am PST).

Be online on IRC at that time if you want to join. Link to a room will be posted there.


It’s on October 8th, not October 2nd! :slight_smile:

One thing we’ll discuss is the process by which we make changes to the content of

If you can’t make it, but still want a say in that (or any other point you or other people might bring up), then please reply to this thread stating what dates/times would be better for you.

Hope to see everyone there! :slight_smile:

Oh, damn. Title was correct but messed up the date up in the text. Changed it. Thanks.

ok! I tried to give an explanation, as detailed as possible, about what I think we can improve regarding our current (lack of proper) way of working on the website: Rethink our product presentation as a multi-backend tool (closed). we can discuss it at the meeting, then.


Hey guys, I’d like to join but I have a show that evening. Any chance we could either move it up to ~5CET (doubtful as Basti is in PST at the moment) or push it to Thursdaythe 9th?

For me thursday, the 9th would be OK as well.

All options mentioned so far are OK for me.

Ok for me, too. Will change it.

ok, so new date is Thursday 9 Oct, 8pm Berlin time

Ok, see you all then!

My notes (please comment if they misrepresent anything or something is missing!)

Regarding the website, we decided that:

  • Basti will set up an etherpad with the texts from
  • We will all help identify a list of things that are currently missing there
  • Once these things are identified, we will all help to fill them in
  • Then Basti will pull these changes back into the branch, and launch the responsive redesign.

Regarding testing, we disussed that Nick is refactoring how the stubs works in node.

Nick will also open a “minimum viable bug” issue on github pinpointing the bug he was talking about.


  • I’ll set up an Etherpad that we use for general content collection, so everybody can add scribbles for messages to be communicated, structure, content, missing parts, what goes where, etc.
  • Everybody adds as much as possible
  • Someone (maybe I, but hopefully a dedicated frontend designer) tries to translate it into actual design and information architecture
  • Then we can collaborate on the actual final content and add to it
  • Then launch

More notes on IRC (taken during the call) for whoever logs that channel, btw.

Ping @raucao - we all put time into having this meeting, and took this decision unanymously, so let’s follow up on it.

@raucao just answered via irc, he will create the etherpad this weekend.

Exciting! Can’t wait to finally work together on this. I’ll start opening a few pull requests for the things I already prepared, and add those to the etherpad once it’s up.

@silverbucket @galfert @Ragnis are you joining? As @raucao said, etherpad should be up and ready for us all to start collaborating on it by tonight (or tomorrow morning the latest, due to timezones).