Database for storing data

Hello everyone,

What do you think is the best database for storing remoteStorage data?

Here is what existing implementations use (afaik):

  • remotestorage-ruby: PostgreSQL or sqlite
  • liquor-cabinet: riak
  • restore: redis or filesystem
  • php-remoteStorage: filesystem
  • ownCloud: ?? (filesystem?)

That depends a lot on the scope of your implementation. For example do you want to use a single machine for storage or do you want to have a cluster of storage nodes? Also, if it’s e.g. a server implementation for usage within an organization, how much data do you want to store and how big will single objects be?

The implementation I’m writing is for a single machine. And it’s more like playing around with remoteStorage. But being able to store music would be kind of cool :wink:

Well, then you can use anything that’s comfortable for you. Filesystem, Redis, MongoDB, a SQL database, whatever you’re familiar with. Also, if you want to play around with it, maybe choose something you’re familiar with inspecting, so you can easily see what’s going on.

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remotestorage-ruby uses PostgreSQL, not sqlite (the example config may be set to sqlite, but that’s not used in production on

Fixed. Nice to see something use a normal SQL database, seemed like a bad choice until now :wink: