Debian package for restore



I created my first Debian package ever, it’s for restore. Anyone interested in trying it?

Some info is here (in German):

Put this in /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb sid main
deb-src sid main

Then apt-get install node-restore.

I’m also working on a Debian package for Known (, i.e. apt-get install known.

I now also have an experimental FreedomBox image (only for CubieTruck right now) that has both node-restore and known, as well as subdomain and PageKite registration during install:

This is a bit experimental, but I’ll try to improve it and also contribute this to the “mainline” FreedomBox code.

I guess maybe I could try creating a sockethub package as well.

Better late than never I think :frowning: Anyway, if anyone tries any of this, please let me know…

Is there any server for non-expert deploy?


Is there any documentation for setting up a Web Server in front of it (and esp. Webfinger)? Like e.g. on which port is reStore running and such.


The package I made comes with

  1. a custom server.js file that starts restore
  2. a debian init.d script that calls server.js and starts restore on port 8020
  3. a node-restore.conf Apache configuration file with proxy settings to forward requests to port 8020

So in theory after you install it, restore should already be running and be reachable through Apache without more configuration.

I’m not sure if this is how you typically “do” Debian packages. Should the package just get restore running and not configure the webserver? Or should the package also automatically configure the webserver as I have done it now.

Open to suggestions…


@michielbdejong Maybe this would make it easier to add reStore to ?


Cool! For adding reStore to IndieHosters it doesn’t really matter if it’s an npm package or a Debian package. But for freedombox (which is a Debian thing) this is super important!

@peacekeeper for Known, my Dockerfile & install script may help you.

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