Decentralize.js, Sep 9, Berlin (JSFest)

Apart from the RemoteStorage Hack Day, we’re also organizing a decentralization/JS evening meet-up during JSFest in Berlin. @michielbdejong and @silverbucket will give short talks as well:

If you want to give a 20-minute talk about something that fits the topic, please drop me an email at

Hope to see you there!

would probably make sense to aim for say 3 main talks, and then a few lightning talks for people who just want to shine a spotlight on a specific project? I was thinking maybe we can ask Feross and/or Dominic Tarr.

We’ll have 5 or so 15-minute talks, plus lightning talks.

I already asked Dominic via email, but he didn’t respond yet. I thought he should introduce feedopensource.

yes, and scuttlebutt! :slight_smile:

Cool, we’re first on and there are 23 people attending already on the lanyrd page.