Delayed introduction : maintenance of remotestorage.js' issues on GitHub


##Dear uncentralizers,

tonight I have taken my first three hours to berserk within last week’s GitHub issues. They piled up a little after I immediately started to watch all repositories within the remotestorage GitHub organization. But to my defense I have to admit the role of a maintainer had been imagined as someone that picks up abandoned / forgotten topics and brings them back to life.

As you have experienced for yourself, there was high activity during the last days which made it not too important that I intervene. If I get the task of a core communicator [1] quite right, it’s about what I’ve done. This refers to my capability of watching the development process as a newbie, therefore outsider, which enables me to comment without any personal bias. It’s quite similiar to what I’ve done over at the Federated Wiki [2] some days ago.

Within the next iterations I will make myself comfortable with the other repositories as well as older issues and this forum. You understand there’s a lot to catch up.

While reading through my ramblings you might have found a certain notion that direct my comments. I told @michielbdejong and @galfert already in person last week, but would like to repeat it publicly again:

I’m researching (online) collaboration practices from many perspectives.

Just to give you an impression whom you are talking to.

During my initiation and self proclamation last week and at the BerlinJS event the next day I’ve had several reasons to fabulate about the meaning of communication and technology in describing today’s working relations.
This starts with the contradictions of “free” labour for open source initiatives (of which some will be exploited commercially due to the GPL), continiues with emancipatory self-organization of organized networks [3] and leads to new epistemologies that radical metaphors like NDNx [4] or cjdns’ [5] Hyperboria [6] impose.

We’re facing something new.
And I want to be part of it.
Let’s make the Internet free and accessible again.

Just keep in mind that it’s people behind the screens and not computers we’re talking to.
That’s all for today.

Catch a good sleep, wherever you are.
Enjoy a walk outside, no matter if it’s cold.
Do things manually, as this will remind you of blood and flesh.

Enough prophetism : Skip School! [7]

PS : And don’t let us struggle with Layer-8 Problems.

[1] hp://
[2] hps://
[3] hp://
[4] hp://
[5] hp://
[6] hp://
[7] hp://