Do click through "Latest" once a week! ("New"/"Unread" is not working)

make sure you click through the “Latest” tab manually, or you will miss posts.

i just found two posts which i hadn’t seen yet, even though i was not notified about this. the unread topics seemed to have a slightly different shade of blue on the “Latest” tab, but this wasn’t very clear either.

i still trust the ‘Latest’ tab to be anti-chronological, but from now on i will just click every post on there once a week, just in case there were some new comments of which i wasn’t notified. you should too!

maybe notifications are only for threads in which you are already participating?

That’s a weird way of reporting a bug. Works perfectly fine for me.

Anyone else has problems with new posts not being marked properly?

I just logged in after a longer while and don’t see the new-posts-star I’m used to from other Discourse forums. I get new topic counts for subscribed posts, though.

Additionally, Discourse has greatly improved on UI issues in the last versions : just compare this instance, one of mine ([1] [2] [3]) and the official meta one. You’ll spot the difference immediately.

What does that mean exactly? To me, Michiel just wrote down his experience/perception.

I think I could reproduce it now.

As stated already in an older thread, we’re still on a very old version of Discourse and we’ll just do one big upgrade when launching the new website instead of trying to fix bugs like these until then.

So yes, @michielbdejong’s advice is useful for the time being!