[documents] title field

Currently there is only a getter for the title of a document and the title is the same as the first 50 chars of the content.
This seems random to me. If an app wants to display the first 50 chars of a document as title it should do this manually.
However I think it is quiet common that a document has a title in a separate field, not related to the content. I think this should be part of the documents module.

most definitely.

who maintains the documents module?

I implemented a new version of the document module for litewrite and it works fine.
Maybe we can use this as the official one since Litewrite is probably the only real app that uses the document module?

+1 I think that makes sense, can you check it in to the remotestorage/modules repo, maybe add some more comments? (use the few existing modules as examples)

Yes, please send a pull request to