Doing tickets (i.e., bugfixing)

As you know, we no longer have a dedicated person for fixing bugs. We ran out of WHS money and the remaining NLnet money is linked to unrelated milestones.

This week, @raucao, @galfert and I talked about maybe looking for more funding and a new replacement for Niklas, but decided against it. Instead, the tasks will be roughly as follows:

  • review pull requests and prepare builds
  • submit issues and write pull requests at will:
    • anybody who uses remotestorage.js, including the core team
  • doing tickets (so all known bugs get investigated and fixed)
    • ?

Since we no longer have a dedicated bugfixer, I think we all need to volunteer some of our time for this third point.

We have a few months-old bugs that nobody wants to get their hands dirty on, because we can all think of more fun things to work on, and nobody really feels it is their responsibility either.

I thought about this and I’ll volunteer one day a week, probably the Friday, starting 18 April (until then I’m on holidays). Soon after that I’ll be back in Berlin, I think it would be fun to do peer-programming days!

We can see how this evolves. There are 72 tickets open now, 13 of which are bugs. Let’s see if we can reduce that list over the coming months.

Good to know. As Re:publica is also soon, might that mean all core developers are in town at the same time?

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I’d love to help out eventually, right now I’m neck-deep in client work, but my goal is to eventually find a way to come back into the mix with a more sustainable income balance. If anyone has any business ideas, is looking for someone to add to their existing team, or is looking to join me in working toward identifying a niche and developing a business plan / funding strategy that enables us to work on unhosted technologies, get in touch with me. :slight_smile:

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See also Let's do a "core team hack day" and create 0.10.1