Dropbox refresh token support now in master

The master branch of remotestorage.js now contains code to support the refresh tokens of Dropbox (OAuth2 PKCE) – so users can stay logged in for days, not hours.

The docs are not currently building, so here’s the updated info for app developers:

An app key can be obtained by registering your app

  • Create a new “scoped” app for the “Dropbox API” (or change an existing app to use scopes), with these scopes:
    • account_info.read
    • files.metadata.read
    • files.metadata.write
    • files.content.read
    • files.content.write
  • You need to set one or more OAuth2 redirect URIs for all routes a user can
    connect from, for example http://localhost:8000 for an app you are
    developing locally. If the path is ‘/’, rs.js drops it.
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Just FYI, the documentation builds have been fixed, and the Dropbox doc is now updated:


(Note that ReadTheDocs’ caching is a bit aggressive, so I still got the old version before doing a hard-reload on that page.)

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