Engineer for hire

Hi! I hope I’m not bothering posting this here.

My name is Gunar, I’ve recently quit my job and I’d love to work for the remoteStorage project.

I’m super excited about making the future of the web gravitate towards unhosted apps. It’d be AMAZING to work with you now that I have some real time to invest in.

I quit my Electronics Engineering job in search of life purpose. I want to do something good and great for the world. Designing and programming frequency converters wasn’t satisfying me.

I love the idea of using technology to leverage the altruistic impact I can have in the world. This project just fits perfectly! I’ve heard from a interview on that you were hiring, so I make myself available.

I’m proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, Ionic Framework and PouchDB.

Thanks a bunch!

Gunar C. Gessner

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@gunar I wrote you a DM. :wink:

@michielbdejong I think the offer/budget from the interview is not current anymore, or is it?