Feedback remotestorage 0.8

I just tested 0.8 at and have some feedback about the widget.

The first thing i realized was that I can’t click on the text Connect remotestorage.
I have to click the icon to get to the input field.

Next I misspelled my address and there was no visual feedback at all.
Everything I get is this message in the console:
try url

Also there is no visual feedback when hitting the refresh button.

One more thing that distracted me a little bit was that the refresh and logout icons aren’t vertically centered (at least in my browser) :

Apart from those small things everything seems to work fine. Good Work!

Just got some strange behaviour testing it with litewrite @ localhost.
I logged in and not all documents where loaded so I hit refresh and got this:
First it looked like this but all document were loaded.
So I clicked the logo I can toggle this by clicking the logo again.
No errors in the console… and the behaviour stays like this after refresh again.

i think all those are currently known bugs, right @nilclass @ggrin ?
the spontaneous logout one is especially strange and worrying, was that with Firefox?

that was Chrome. But maybe it is connected to running the app on localhost?

afaik these topics have been dealt with in 0.8 [closing x]