First Time UX Needs Work

I’ve just completed some beta testing with users who are computer-literate, but unfamiliar with Remote Storage.

Basically, there are too many steps, and when you finish signing up for storage, there’s no obvious link back to the app you started from.

Are there any proposals to improve the UX for users without Remote Storage accounts?


I think a proper landing page to link from the widget could help a lot:

But it would be interesting to brainstorm ideas for more integrated sign-up flows, too.

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Might be useful to know what the context was, how many people, what they expected, how they reacted to what happened.

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I had a similar thought while creating an app.
I thought it would be great to be able to allow a user either give their own preexisting address (user+server) or be able to do a simpler sign up process to a shared remote storage server.

For the using preexisting address, the flow would be the same as the current authorisation flow (which I think is good as it is).

For the sign up process, it would be good to be able combine the authorisation and sign up steps in to one - maybe the app redirecting to the shared remote storage server signup URL with the oauth parameters (optionally including the username) - the submit button would be a signup and authorise button.

I did think about a one click or username + one click flow that is completely using an ajax request, but you would need to pass a password or access token back to the app to allow the user to change their password later.

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Welcome to the forums, @bytesnz!

I like the ideas you describe. It got me thinking: what if, instead of needing a token to change your password, you would just supply your email address, and you would be able to verify it later on to complete the signup and not have your account be deactivated for example?

(The main issue with unverified signup flows is spam, of course. So maybe the RS server should at least check if there’s actually a RS app hosted at the domain that the user is trying to do the signup from.)

Yeah, email would definitely be very nice and would make for a very nice flow (the RS server could email directly with the auth/create a password link/welcome).

The only possible issue is you would then be relying on having access to a server that is set up to send emails, Most of the time that would probably fine, there just may be a few instances where that wasn’t an option. and yeah… the lovely spam issue…