FLOSS4P2P workshop, March 16-17th in London

Does anyone want to go to this? https://groups.google.com/d/msg/unhosted/HJK3Tf3AkiE/k5OinmJCojYJ

@michielbdejong Are you going?

I have to go back to Europe early due to a health issue, so I’m actually only 2 hours away from London during those dates. Maybe I can attend if nobody else can do it for remoteStorage/Unhosted.

Yes! I will be presenting and got a travel grant.

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Have fun then!

Thanks! Sorry for the short answer earlier, I was on a call. So yeah, they’re paying for my flight from and back to Belgrade, and I’ll do a presentation about unhosted web apps, a lightning talk about indiehosters, and a tutorial on ‘remoteStorage’. From their acceptance email:

Lightning Talks are expected to be 3-5min. After
the series of Lightnings, we will have an Open Space
(unconference space for subdiving in small groups around topics)
to further discuss Lightning raised topics or any other pending
topic.Presentations should be limited to 15min, including in the
last slide(s) some “open questions” (to trigger debate),
“specific needs” the project/idea has (to trigger collaborations)
and a contact email. Presentations will be followed by 5min of
questions. And there will be other opportunities to further
discussions in the participatory dynamics. In the latest draft
agenda, your presentation is scheduled on Monday 16th March.

So yeah, sounds quite cool. We’re also doing a thing together with CozyCloud, about personal servers and interoperability. My input for that is in this blogpost. I’m flying there on Sunday, and back on the Wednesday afterwards. Looking forward to it!