FluidApp experience

I’m trying FluidApp as a means to install web apps on my mac. I was thinking that makes it easier for me to handle multiple accounts and so on. I also want to use remoteStorage apps with it but it doesn’t let me connect. Instead of forwarding me to the provider login page it opens a new window in Safari.

Anybody experience with Fluid or any opinions?

It will open any URL you don’t add to the settings in the default browser.

In a Fluid app, go to Preferences → Advanced and try adding *providerdomain* to the list of allowed sites.

Thanks, makes sense. It’s under Preferences -> Whitelist

In this case I just allow any URL to be opened in the app.

By the way, why don’t you just use Open Web Apps via Firefox? I don’t understand why you would want to configure Fluid apps, including icons and whitelists and all, which will basically result in exactly the same kind of desktop app as when you just install them with Firefox.

A bit embarrassing but I haven’t been familiar with this feature of desktop Firefox. I tried it with using the button on 5apps.com public app page and it’s actually what I was looking for. My web search just pointed me to Fluid, PRISM, Coherence and some Google Chrome on Windows stuff.

With Fluid I can install any web page. Is there an easy way to do that with Firefox? Also I want to install an app multiple times to handle multiple sessions. I can do this on Firefox OS with any web app. Is there a way to do it on desktop?

Last but not least remoteStorage.js doesn’t seem to work. I cannot connect to the remote storage.

This is probably the wrong forum to seek support for Firefox. I was merely pointing at the possibility of using Open Web Apps for this instead of Fluid.

Would be cool, if you could add an issue with more information about remoteStorage.js not working with your desktop FF OWA installation. Last time I used that, it worked just fine.

By the way, this blog post might be of interest to anybody, who’s not familiar with cross-platform Open Web Apps: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2013/10/progress-report-on-cross-platform-open-web-apps/