Funding: where and why?

Is there a link somewhere where people (and we agree corporations are people?) can sponsor remote-storage?

I’d like to try and nominate the effort with my employer that usually does this sort of thing, but I can’t find a link.

What would the money be used for? I was thinking maybe bounties and prize money for a hackathon?

I’m not sure if remote-storage has restrictions on whom they want to be supported by.

I see remote-storage has sponsorships already:


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It was discussed a bit last year Community call: Redesigning the remoteStorage homepage + other stuff - #3 by rosano

As there’s no official organization, it might make more sense to fund specific people or projects. But I think funding is a good idea!

@rosano, since remotestorage is already part of the opensourcecollective; the way forward maybe to link that up with github sponsors.

Oh, sorry, I think that’s your collective. For some reason I thought that was a remotestorage one.

Yes I must have put a tag along with with zero data, etc… Be welcome to fund me!


I can give a rough overview of what these sponsorships were:

  • NLnet: funded core developers for various milestones in the early days
  • Wau Holland Stiftung: funded a developer to help out with remoteStorage.js for a while
  • DuckDuckGo: Have an opensource grant program, where people can vote for projects to fund. RS (or was it Unhosted in general?) was chosen and the funding used for rs.js development IIRC
  • 5apps: Sponsored mostly @galfert and myself to work on rs.js as well as many other little things. Sponsored a little bit of development for php-remote-storage. Sponsoring the cloud VM for this Discourse (and another one for the wiki before).

Yes, I also think that would be preferable. Maybe we should have a list of people with the things they are interested in working on if they had funding?

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What do you think about creating a page that shows people working on remoteStorage things and how to sponsor them, which we could link in the “sponsor” button on Github organization repos?

The list would be sorted randomly on every visit, so that every person gets the same visibility on average. It would be hosted in an org repo as well, of course, so that anyone can create a pull request for being included in the list.

I’m imagining something like but with more donation/sponsorship options.

That is quite neat, the Bitcoin core approach :heavy_check_mark:.

I wonder how they scrape project specific bios.

People just submit PRs to be included. They write their own bios.

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