Google Drive support

Does anybody know if reflects the latest version of GDrive support? If yes, I’ve found several severe bugs and even missing features (logout would be nice to have e.g.).

I’ll file them one by one, as soon as I know if this is still current.

cc @nilclass

@nilclass @ggrin @michielbdejong Nobody knows?

Based on the repository activity I would say it is probably the latest version of GDrive support active within remotestorage-browser. The last update to remotestorage-browser was 1 month ago, and since then, in the remotestorage.js repository, it seems only work has been done on conformance tests, and widget tweaks.

i also don’t have any more information, and it looks like both @ggrin and @nilclass are offline now so yes, please file the bug reports. thanks!

Ok, will do. Thanks.