"Hello World" for November Swap

Noel De Martin and I were talking about doing simple “Hello World” examples for the different Zero Data protocols. The idea is:

  • keep it super bare bones (‘ugly’ is fine :slight_smile:)
  • no build systems
  • just the absolute minimum to implement a CRUD of todos.

He already made one for SOLID:

Would be great if anyone from the community can make one for remoteStorage. Should be a straightforward project and you can even fork the above repo to start.

The swap will likely be on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

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Noel De Martin finalized the Hello World for Solid and it looks gorgeous

Still looking for a volunteer to fork this and swap with remoteStorage. We can collaborate :slight_smile:

I ended up implementing this today.

I left the Solid terminology in this markdown Glossary for someone to replace with appropriate ones from remoteStorage—maybe @raucao @galfert @silverbucket @michielbdejong?

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Great! :clap:

Regarding the glossary, almost all of those terms do not apply to remoteStorage at all, so I’m not sure what to edit there. You only have what they call a “pod”, and whoever hosts your pod is also your identity provider at the moment.

True. I was imagining ‘storage address’, webfinger, local-first / anonymous mode, data modules, json schema…

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Ah, yes. I think that would be indeed be very useful to have all on one page!