Hledger interactive: an hledger parser and playground on the browser that can keep your journals on remoteStorage

I’ve been using http://hledger.org/ in the last months and although it is great on the CLI, I think it would be better if a journal could be opened in multiple places, and multiple apps could write and read from it and do different things with the same data.

The first step towards that goal was to make hledger run on the browser and implement a simple app that reads and saves hledger journals from and to remoteStorage.


There are probably some usability issues because I’m a remoteStorage noob, so I took the approach of using it a little like a filesystem, with just named files in a global /ledger/ directory. Feedback on these practices is wanted.


Looks good, it’s a bit frail with the formatting of the text entered into the textarea box, found I had to pay specific attention to indention and how many spaces to separate different fields. Otherwise it’s a nice start!

Maybe something like CodeMirror could help with that?

Are you familiar with ledger or hledger, @silverbucket? I think that may be necessary for you to be comfortable with the formatting. Or maybe my app could serve as a way for you to familiarize yourself with it!

Anyway, I don’t want to add extra features. If there’s demand for it (I don’t expect any) we can create more humane ways to interact with the raw plaintext of the journal, but in different apps,.