Image upload problem

I just tried to upload a couple of screenshots and on clicking “Upload” it failed saying it was unable to determine image size, and that “maybe” the image file is corrupted. The images are fine - I just uploaded them to the SAFE Network discourse forum here - so I’m not sure what the problem is.

It isn’t important in this instance, but it would help to be able to upload screenshots in future so I’m flagging it up now for information. Is it perhaps because your version of discourse doesn’t understand PNG files?

My first guess would be upload dir permissions, but could be anything. We just updated Discourse to the latest version last Friday, so I don’t think it’s a missing-feature problem.

@gregkare Could you check it out tomorrow maybe?


I have updated our Discourse package, uploading images works again


Ah, so it was a bug after all. Thanks for taking care of it so quickly!

By the way, if someone wants to help with this stuff in the future: I created a page on the website wiki with instructions for updating Discourse recently, and if you ask (and we kind of know you) @gregkare can add your public SSH key to the server.