Interactive Module Console

While working on a new remoteStorage module, I found myself wishing for a REPL in order to be able to iterate faster and without having to load it in an app.

Luckily, @nilclass has written exactly that already and it was still checked into the modules repo. It was quite old, and we recently added nodejs support to the normal build via an npm package for remoteStorage.js, so I updated the code to use packages for everything.

I also added history support for the console, as well as a convenient command for starting it. See the modules README for details.

Happy module hacking!

Oh and by the way, thanks to @nilclass’s nice work, the console will actually show you the results of all promises, so you don’t even need to add clunky things like this to e.g. get/setObject functions:


A getObject(path) will do just fine and show you something like this:

Promise fulfilled with object: {foo: ‘bar’}