IRC channel moved to Libera.Chat

Since Freenode has fallen apart, and recently deleted all channel registrations, topics, and settings, I have just taken the liberty to apply for project registration at Libera.Chat and change the website links and content to point there as well. I hope that’s OK with everyone! The Freenode channel is almost empty now anyway.

Please feel invited to join #remotestorage on from now on!

FYI, after applying for project permissions at Libera.Chat a few months ago, they have finally processed the application and after a DNS check have now registered the project for us:

We have now registered you as a project, remoteStorage.

This means you could now claim channels in your namespace, e.g. #remotestorage and #remotestorage-*. For channels which don’t yet exist, you should be able to do so yourself, else feel free to contact staff. You can also claim channels in your namespace using /msg ChanServ CLAIM #channel.

Additionally, you can now optionally request cloaks for your team (or your users, or whoever you see fit). They have the format projectname/optional/mandatory, thus e.g. remotestorage/member/john or remotestorage/jane. Please note that only valid DNS characters are allowed (e.g. no underscores) for technical reasons and recipients need a registered account.

I added the following people as the Group Contacts for now: raucao. Group Contacts are people who can claim channels and request cloaks for your group. If you would like to add other group contacts later, please tell us their nickname accounts via e-mail; changes to the list of group contacts is one of the few things that require an e-mail. You can manage Channel Ops by yourself with the flags command (/msg ChanServ HELP FLAGS). The group contacts should be able to (optionally) join #libera-communities, a channel made specifically for GCs and staff communication.

If someone else wants to be added as a group contact, please write me a DM!

Unfortunately, not many people have made the switch from Freenode in general, with most just giving up on IRC I guess. But in any case, it’s probably good to have this registered and monitor it a little bit, just so nobody can spam or phish people in the #remotestorage namespace over there.