Launchlet — Customize any website with JavaScript or CSS

I’m super excited to share Launchlet - my first project that integrates with RS. It’s a javascript/css launcher that you can run as a bookmarklet, browser extension, or module in your own project.

There is a compose interface for managing your Recipes and it uses remotestorage.js + a custom storage widget. It’s so nice to be able to work offline, sync between different devices or prod/dev environments. I wish RS was more well-known and adopted everywhere because it makes the whole app and dev experience so much simpler.

Any feedback is welcome. Let’s make more of these apps!!


I’ve been making tutorials lately to demystify this app and I think the last one is really important to understanding how to ‘think’ within the structures. Helps illuminate how this is more like a userscript/userstyle manager than whatever I had called it before…

time section
00:00 Intro
00:53 Command
01:32 Procedure
03:20 Call other Recipes
05:23 Pipe mode
07:07 Pipe mode example
09:48 Subject
11:59 Action

Source available here