Let's do a "core team hack day" and create 0.10.1

It’s been 5 weeks since we last worked on rs.js, and there are 10 open bugs. I propose we get together for one full day; write PRs for as many of these 10 bugs as we can in the morning, have lunch together, then review all PRs, merge them, tag a release candidate, and try it out with real apps until dinner time, and then tag 0.10.1 and publish it, then have dinner+beer as a release party.

I think we could actually do this once a month from now on. It would obviously be nice if we could plan this when at least two of us are in Berlin, but we can do it remotely as well.

@galfert @menachem @clochix @raucao @Ragnis what do you think?

Sounds good to me. I’ll be back in Berlin at the end of the month or beginning of September.

OK, then let’s already plan a 0.10.2 hack day - for instance on saturday 6 sept.?

who would be available to do a hack day for instance this saturday 9 aug.?

Preliminary plan (to be confirmed still if everybody can make it) would be to do this tuesday 12 Aug with @galfert and me, 10:00 - 17:00, and @raucao will join in the afternoon for second review.

@galfert so 10am start tomorrow ok for you?

@raucao iirc, you said you would confirm before the weekend, but we didn’t hear back. All we need from you is basically half an hour of your time somewhere halfway the afternoon, as a third pair of eyes to read through the diffs before we continue to tag the release.

Yes, 10am is OK for me. I’ll be online on IRC so we can coordinate.

That was a great success! Fun and extremely productive. Let’s do the next one on e.g. wednesday 10 september? We can pin the exact day nearer the time.