Linked Data Notifications

Data on the Web should not be locked in to particular systems or be only readable by the applications which reated it. Users should be free to switch between applications and share data between them. Applications generate notifications about activities, interactions, and new information, which may be presented to the user or processed further.

Linked Data Notifications (LDN) supports sharing and reuse of notifications across applications, regardless of how they were generated. This allows for more modular systems, which decouple data storage from the applications which display or otherwise make use of the data.

Sounds rather interesting and relevant to me. But not sure yet how or where exactly one could integrate this with the RS spec, or if at all.

I guess the relevant question is if we ever want to support push notifications for changes in general, instead of having any and all clients poll an endpoint for directory listing changes. One could do that today of course, by just implementing a hosted service (e.g. using Sockethub) that sends useful, formatted notifications for specific apps and data, when it sees those (via the normal polling).