Meeting Wednesday, Nov 20, 4pm CET

let’s meet at the rebel base @galfert @ggrin @nilclass @xMartin and/or remotely via WebRTC @silverbucket @raucao @jan at 4pm on wednesday 20 November. things to discuss:

please reply if that time and date are convenient, we could also do it for instance 8pm if that’s better for people

4pm CET is ok for me. 8pm as well.

4pm works for me.

4pm is fine for me as well.

Works. See you 4pm via or so.

Meeting notes

(taken from


  • Basti (binbasti)
  • Nick (slvrbckt)
  • Jan (jancborchardt)
  • Michiel (michielbdejong)
  • Garret (galfert)
  • Jon (almereyda)


  • Adrian is now working 2 hrs/day on rs.js
  • Epic720 will be working on Firefox extension
  • Posted job description on forums
  • Paid work candidates:
    • vinnl->tosdr,
    • rhapsodhy, rektide, epic720: showed interest
    • clochix? (currently a casual commiter, but could become more official maybe?)
    • almereyda
  • We need an official maintainer of remoteStorage.js. Doesn’t need to be main coder, but should be comfortable with calling the shots, answering questions, being a code nazi, making sure pulls have tests, etc.
  • Roadmap:
    • Primary:
      • bugfixes and test coverage !important
      • docs
      • modules
    • Secondary:
      • native integration
      • google drive & dropbox (bonus)
      • what about ENCRYPTION!!??
  • Spec
    • discussion about 02 a.k.a. 02a : SPDY / Content-Length / Content-Type : afterwards frontend
    • discussion about the development process
    • Byte-ranges : video & audio : postponed
    • new & accepted proposal : 02a -> 02 : 5apps implements this, 02 -> 02-reduced
    • consensus on extension specs being a good idea for big new features
  • Infographic
    • input on github issue by basti
    • fill with ideas, call for infographic, + link to job description
    • > infographic for remotestorage explanation for new users
  • Meeting in person
    • Post Dec 1st: Berlin? Hackerbeach? South East Asia?
  • BerlinJS : lightning talk : job offers, …
  • apps.berlinjs : lightning talk : job offers, …


  • Separate example server and app as “starter kit”
  • Jon will be “core communicator” slash core maintainer of remoteStorage.js
  • Spec 02a will be 02, 5apps commits to getting rs.js code for that in master

To do

  • michielbdejong - separate example server to own-repo “starter-kit” (like hoodie, as npm module, download zip, git clone, depend on reStore?)
  • michielbdejong - will try to get a copy of the RS Walkthrough that nilclass gave during the '13 unconference

(the two berlinjs mentions don’t belong in the last bullet point and represent seperate items)

Fixed. Thanks.

cool! i’ll rename the spec -02a -> -02 now. i’ll also add SPDY as a “MAY” (wasn’t in there yet).

Is that necessary? It has nothing to do with remoteStorage itself, as it only affects the communication between browser and server, regardless of what HTTP features you’re using. To both remoteStorage clients and servers, there’s no difference in what they’re doing.

i think it’s nice to encourage it, people may forget about it otherwise and i think it’s important to clarify that for instance we don’t support batched requests for that reason, because you can do SPDY. it’s only a MAY, though, so won’t harm anyone.

you can see the current version here, please proofread it:

Ok, makes sense to me like that.