Memorandum of Understanding with NLnet

this is the MoU between NLnet and me: (uploaded with Sharesome \o/)

it’s sort of 50% about remoteStorage, and 50% about unhosted web apps in general, but it is explicitly not about sockethub (the sockethub project has its own MoU, between NLnet and @silverbucket).

we’ll spend the money from this grant on a 10 euro/hour basis, currently just for me, but hopefully for more people in the future (see We’re hiring!), and on small miscelaneous expenses like cost of server hosting, domain name registration, a co-working desk, and travel costs where unavoidable.

oh, and apart from that, Wau Holland Stiftung are paying @ggrin a “mini-job” of 400 euros/month + tax, also for work on unhosted/remotestorage.

we’re currently not looking for more donations or funding, since we are already finding it hard to find good people who want to work on our project, so our first priority is spending the money we currently have, before going to look for more money. but in the longer term i think we should try to keep growing the team bigger and bigger, so we can have more impact.