Missing Webfinger, so not 100% compatible at the moment


Hello all,
I was thinking to install RemoteStorage on my Rasperry 2 debian personal server, with the Php-Storage module, but it is written on your page : Missing Webfinger, so not 100% compatible at the moment.
Compatible with what ?

Thanks for the help.


From a user perspective this means that your server won’t work at all (webfinger support is not hard, but important).

I recommend taking a look at reStore, AFAICT it’s the only usable server at the moment.


Ohhh :frowning: thanks, i will check reStore !


Altenatively, you could set up Webfinger manually. It’s the entry that tells a remoteStorage client where to find the authorization and storage endpoints for a certain user address. This is for example what my Webfinger entry for looks like:

So in theory you can just publish an entry like that on your server using the official Webfinger URI format:

(See e.g.)

Edit: I’d agree that reStore is the most approachable server solution at the moment, though. It depends heavily on your technical experience, if you want to set up a server that requires you to solve some things manually. That’s usually the case with server libraries that are written to be integrated in larger setups and with existing user databases.