New app "Flaxa" on Play Store

Flaxa v5.2.9 published on Google play store with remoteStorage integration as the backup/restore feature for the app. Check out the app here:

What does Flaxa do?
Flaxa is a hybrid mobile application designed to aid with personal money management concerns. The features are easy to grasp, and make user experience seamless.

Why Remotestorage?
RemoteStorage was the preferred choice for user data backup due to ease of integration.

Flaxa’s Potential
The app is designed to record and analyze as much as possible, every bit of information regarding personal accounting, and this information can be searched and located at any point in time. In consideration of its current features, I can foresee Flaxa’s potential in enabling transparency regarding the accounting operations of non-profit organizations, if improved on. Like for example if hosted on a server whereby users can sign in as an administrator or a guest. Administrators can manipulate the data, whereas guests can just view data without any modification. Also perhaps the design of a notifications system which details all retro changes made to accounting records will also aid in reaching this potential.

Other distant goals include adapting the application for SMEs.

I will be happy to publish the code as open source on github if I can find any form of encouragement on the project, like comments and feedbacks. Still early in my development journey, and would really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with other developers on this project if interested.

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Wow, that’s great! I’ll try it out. I’m particularly interested in Collaborative Finance and Federated Bookkeeping, and its relation with user-owned data. Looking forward to chat more about this, I’ll reach out to you in a DM!

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