New guide: Using remoteStorage.js in node.js

@silverbucket, our famous banjo player slash node.js developer, recently fixed remoteStorage.js for using it with node.js. We don’t have a special build file for node anymore, and the latest master should work without issues in node now.

In anticipation of the upcoming release, he put even more work in to document this nicely for anyone wanting to use rs.js in node. The guide currently lives in the docs directory of the repository:

Thanks, @silverbucket!

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Caveat: the npm module is not updated yet. You can link the remotestorage.js repo to node_modules/remotestoragejs in the meantime.

The npm module has been updated since then, so no more need to manually link to the rs.js repo now.

Yesterday the guide has also been updated to the 0.11.0 situation (slightly different way to call RemoteStorage.Discover and remoteStorage.remote.configure than in rs.js 0.10), so make sure to update to the latest version.

As a stop-gap until these guides are moved to, I also added a link to it on (“Node JS Client” on the left), and a generic link to “technical docs” at the bottom of that page, linking to the doc/ folder of rs.js, where you can find more in-depth guides about various (advanced) topics.