New RS cluster, tutorial, and extensions, for regular RS apps but also enabling in-app purchases

Hello community.

First and foremost there is a new RS tutorial I’ll start syndicating around.

The tutorial explains the RS way and goes through a basic RS app. It then extends this basic RS app with an in-app purchase.

Speaking of IAPs, I’ve integrated the IAP widgets into Armadietto, our node.js server, along with other productization extensions, and stood both testnet and mainnet clusters as per

testnet / fake payments
mainnet / live / prod

see this video on everything I’m saying here

The clusters are on Azure (orchestrated with Kubernetes) and all deployment scripts, all code, is available as FOSS (see The in-app purchase widgets and all layers of the ledger-based authorizations are FOSS at that location as well.

The idea is that any member of the community should be able to stand up their own cluster and charge a fee if they so choose, unless they have deep pockets (I don’t).

The Armadietto extension is called Lucchetto (the padlock for the locker). The extension is in the overhide fork of Armadietto until such day that all the PRs from it make their way into Armadietto proper.

The IAPs inside of both RS and non-RS Web apps are aided with the help of lucchetto.js; which connects the app to the app developer’s RS storage hosting the SKUs for the IAPs: at the very least the app developer needs some Lucchetto extended RS storage for their SKU data (can be on the free server as I don’t see that data ever being deleted, just need to do a make-pretend payment).

Thanks for your consideration!


I checked out the video, interesting that you don’t need to remember your username. There’s a lot to go through here so I will need more space to look into this, but great work :+1:t4:

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Hmm was hoping the RS article on codeproject would get more traction… maybe my writing style is not resonating…

Give it a like if you think it’s alright?

I’m thinking to start a hackathon targeted at students over the summer… and put up some prize money… to implement something based on that tutorial.

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