New rs.js module docs

With the new seperate modules, we can’t use the combined current docs like that anymore. As we were also thinking about switching to a more suitable docs framework, and @silverbucket was using JSDoc in Sockethub already, I stole an idea from him that he used for the Sockethub platforms: build the entire from the JSDoc code comments:

The main benefit, apart from versioned docs, is that this gets synced and displayed on as well.

Now, this is a module util, so the actual class/prototype and function docs make sense. However, I’m not sure it’s as suitable for general rs.js module docs (but it might be).

For that repo, I added a hook for npm version, so that new docs are automatically built and committed with every version published:

Let me know what you think.

I just added a README for chat-messages, and I think if we publish from JSDoc, we should probably make it so that a generic README intro file gets concatenated with the output from JSDoc:

I found out that jsdoc-to-markdown allows using templates, so that’s what I did in the shares module now. Works like a charm: