New unhosted todo list app


Hi everyone!

I just added remotestorage support to my todo list app “synclist” (still a working title, suggestions are welcome).

Try it out here: - there is also an Android (Cordova) app
Source is here:

It is quite optimized towards touch user interfaces, I use it on a daily basis on my Android phone.

Your data is automatically encrypted, though I am not sure about security as I only use the default RNG and could have made some mistakes in the implementation.

One word about the buttons on the item menu, as they are not as intuitive as I wish: The first (up-arrow) lets you move items by dragging on it, the second is for editing and the third for moving to a different category.

It would be great to get some feedback on the application!

Ah and by the way: Adding RS worked like a charm, thanks for this great library!



It’s hung in an infinite loop for me, always reloading the page. I cannot even type in a point or have the settings screen open after logging into my @5apps account.


I like the first impression. Not much to think, it just works as expected. But then lots of details:

I have the same issue with the reloading when I start the app and connect to an account with existing data (5apps, Safari iOS). But when I scroll the page it stops. But doesn’t sync.

The sync thing left top looks like a button but is a actually just a display, right?

In an item, what is the arrow-up icon doing?

The “move” icon looks like a undo or reply or something.

When connected to a storage the button on the settings page looks funny (two buttons on top of each other).

Would be cool if you added metadata to make it installable as an app on iOS. deploying and hosting service can help if you want.


Sorry, I only saw your answers now.
Thanks for your problem reports, that really helps a lot!

I already created an issue concerning non-finished OAuth, I’m not sure if this is what you both are experiencing.

The sync button actually is a button, it can be used to explicitly request synchronizing, which is sometimes needed as there are no change notifications yet.

The icons are not perfect (I’m only using the very limited jQuery UI set): The first up-arrow is used to move an item (by dragging the icon) and the “twisted” arrow can be used to move the item to a different category (by clicking).

For the problem with the settings page, there is also already an issue.

Thanks for offering help with the metadata, I would appreciate that (I can’t really test it for iOS)!


I was proposing to host the app on This service makes it very easy to add iOS and offline support and many more.


Yup. 5apps co-founder here.

We host open-source apps for free, and you don’t have to worry about the many different platforms and Web app install mechanisms, as we configure it automatically (as well as constantly update platforms and methods, of course). Give it a try if you like, and ask us anything anytime: