New website ready for review/editing/additions/contributions

I finally found some time to finish a half-way complete, responsive version of the new website. As decided by the community a while ago, we’re going for a single static frontpage, linking to all other places from there (and via a common top navigation shared by the wiki, forums, etc.).

A staging version is now deployed at all times to GitHub pages:

Next, we need to decide when to replace the current site with this. Please give some feedback here and/or propose concrete changes or additions via comment or pull request! Thank you very much!

I already created some new pages on the wiki, e.g. Developer Portal, but before or after replacing the current site, we need to move/add some more content there. Everyone is invited to create a wiki account and help with that. Just edit away, no need to ask anyone!

Simplified setup

The setup is much simpler than before, as the new one is using pure npm modules/scripts and no frameworks whatsoever. A simple npm install followed by npm run dev and you’re rolling.

(There are two known issues with it however. First, you might have to reload once after npm run dev and second, the livereload doesn’t seem to work with CSS file changes. Other than that it should work well.)


Cool, love it!

Looks good! One remark: in the architecture diagrams you use the colours red and green to discern between developer- and user-managed entities, respectively. However, those two colours are the ones that are hardest to keep apart for most colour blind users, so you might want to change one of them :slight_smile:

Looks great!

those two colours are the ones that are hardest to keep apart for most
colour blind users, so you might want to change one of them

That’s a very good point. Thanks!

I’ve done a small PR to make the capitalisation of remoteStorage consistent: Make the capitalisation of remoteStorage consistent by gregkare · Pull Request #12 · remotestorage/website · GitHub

I’ve just reviewed all the content, I haven’t seen a typo or grammar mistake.

It looks great on my laptop and phone, the only device I have that could use some improvements in my old iPad mini (1024x768 screen) in portrait mode. I’m including a screenshot, the first column is too close to the border on the left

Very nice. I specifically like the explanation of the separate parts of the protocol.

At the moment I don’t have anything to add,remove or change content-wise.

I got a mixed content warning, because of a <script src="http://localhost:9091"></script> at the very end of the page’s source.

Thanks, everyone! Glad you like it so far.

Oh right. Was missing an issue to remove that in deployed builds. It’s here now:

By the way, whatever isn’t assigned and/or tagged “in progress” is good for anyone to grab and help with. It’s really super simple now. Just check the scripts part of package.json to see how everything works. Contributions very welcome (both website and setup itself)!

I removed the livereload line that was throwing the error. Any objections to replacing the current site now?

The wiki still needs more content, esp. compared to the “develop” section of the current site. But perhaps launching the new site with actual links to the wiki will motivate people more to edit it?

So, I went ahead and published the new site (and topnav) today. Had to also move the API docs to GitHub Pages. Please use GitHub issues (or PRs) for bug reports, change requests, etc. from here on:

Thank you, everyone, for reviewing!


Thanks for all your work!