Notes Together in Production

  • Compatible with Litewrite (but don’t run both at the same time)
  • The Undo history is cleared when you select another note, or a remote update arrives - so if something goes amiss, use Undo promptly.
  • If it doesn’t work with your way of doing things, change your rich text notes to plain text or Markdown before going back to Litewrite. And let me know where it falls short!

Finally took the time to try this out with my notes from Litewrite. Really enjoying it so far. Great work, @DougReeder! :clap:

Collecting some feedback notes as I go, and will report when I’ve used the app a bit more. Is there a source repo where I can open issues perhaps? I think it’s not linked in the app itself.


There’s supposed to be a support email at the bottom of the Help page – guess I forgot that!

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